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Breed: ChiMaine - P320797
  •   DOB: 3.28.2004  •   BW: 84 lbs.
TH Carrier

Sire: Heat Wave
Dam: Payback X Sugar Ray

Owners: Trausch Farms

Calves are hairy and thick, with style to burn.

Breed: ChiMaine - 339630  •   DOB: 4.10.2007  •   BW: 90 lbs.
TH Carrier

Sire: Naughty Pine
Dam: Miss Fuzz (PB Galloway)

Owners: Trausch Farms & Bobby Wellner

Breed: Crossbred  •  BW: 70 lbs.
TH Carrier

Sire: Tank (Heat Seeker)
Dam: Timex X Cannon

Owners: Trausch Farms, Greg Kroupa,
Kris Black & Kelly Munson

Every 10 years or so a bull like this comes along. One that is calving ease, passes along muscle and mass and out of that comes champions. He also seems to pattern the coloring of the calf after the dam. His calves are winning major shows across the south and are topping sales across the country like Dustin Glover's, Kris Black's, Kelly Munson's and Kroupa's to name a few. The female progency out of this bull are really coming to the top of the replacement heifers pens. Use this bull with confidence in your program.


Breed: ChiMaine - S320632  •  DOB: 4.10.2006
BW: 87 lbs.  
  Adj. WW: 749 lbs.
TH Free  

Sire: Hannibal
Dam: Sullivan 102 (Double Stuff)

Owners: Trausch Farms & Joe Sullivan

Breed: PB Simmental - 2231268
     DOB: 3.03.2003     BW: 84 lbs.
TH Free

Sire: SAC Mr. MT
Dam: Nichols Julia F34

Owners: Trausch Farms

Breed: PB Angus - 15099896  •   DOB: 3.03.2005  •   BW: 72 lbs.
TH Free
 •  PHA Free

Sire: Northern Express
Dam: Greens Reba

Owners: Trausch Farms

Breed: Crossbred  •   DOB: 4.18.2007  •   BW: 92 lbs.
TH Carrier
 •  PHA Carrier

Sire: Friction
Dam: Full Sib to Silver Bullet

Owners: Trausch Farms

Breed: Maine Influence  •   DOB: 3.06.2006  •  BW: 89 lbs.
TH Free
 •  PHA Free

Sire: Paddy O’Malley
Dam: PB Angus

Owners: Trausch Farms, Hawes Cattle Co.
& Goddard Cattle Co.

Breed: Polled Hereford-P42744798  DOB: 3.28.2006  BW: 89 lbs.
TH Free

Sire: LaGrand Reload 80P ET
Dam: CRR D03 Cotton 356

Owners: Trausch Farms,
Jake Baumgaten & Luke Schroder
High Cotton should have the rare ability to be a genetic powerhouse, transmitting genetic success in both male and female progeny.

Breed: Polled Hereford-P42582058  DOB: 3.14.2005  BW: 87 lbs.

Sire: GQ
Dam: CRR D03 Cotton 356


Breed: Polled Shorthorn-x4105106  DOB: 3.16.2005  BW: 89 lbs.

Sire: DF Vegas
Dam: GF Annie NT 213

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